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Strategic Plan Development

            The suggested planning model guides an organization in establishing plans that move from where it is to where it wants to be. Strategic management is a plan that points out the company’s vision and accommodates its beliefs to guarantee its enforcement. NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3 Strategic planning is the thought process and action plan that outlines goals and measures for achieving this goal. Although strategic plans can be customized to meet the needs of each organization, they frequently include the following elements: Precisely, some of the most fundamental properties of such guidelines include clarity, specificity, practicability, and comprehensiveness. Now, let us focus on the strategic plan development of the Nursing department of the Cleveland Clinic. I will describe the SWOT analysis that defines the department’s direction and how it ties to the organization’s strategic plan to accomplish the key goals. I will also develop a balanced scorecard for the department and assess the impedance of organizational policies on the strategic directions of nursing.

Departmental Strategic Priorities

Generally, some imperatives must be attained within a department to accomplish the objective. The head of the nursing department of Cleveland Clinic wants to maintain the magnet status, and that is why they plan to follow the Magnet model of the nursing strategic plan, including Transformational Leadership, Structural Availability, Knowledge Indicators, Evidence-Based Practice, and Innovation. Every element of the nursing strategic plan aligns with the goals and framework of the organization. Their role is to enhance and deliver healing to their patients and the community by maintaining safety while demonstrating the skilled delivery of quality care, coordinating care, and teaching others. NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3 vision is that nursing will be known worldwide as practicing at the highest level of professional capability, emphasizing patient-oriented care, using creative strategies to advocate for the highest quality in patient care, and providing significant academic contributions to enhance nursing practice and scholarship.

Public Academic Health Care

NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3 utility is that the comfort of every patient, family, and staff is the right to be protected and provided with dignity. They appreciate the attainment of optimal personal health through the application of safety, wholesome, and empathetically in the promotion of the patient’s well-being, respect for the patient’s dignity, the diversity of the employees, integrity, and accountability of the institution, patient advocacy, use of innovative measures and partnerships, and scholarships (HHS, 2021b). We shall be the nursing department of the organization aspiring to attain magnet status in recognition of the organization’s mission and vision to be a premier public academic healthcare system in the nation and as the provider of choice.

It is crucial to sustain the magnet designation, establish the way to excellence, and sustain a significant recognition program for the transformation leadership component goal. In as much as retaining high turnover and fostering excellence in nursing practice, the following goals are in line with the objectives above respectively: By endorsing external assessment for national accreditation, cultivating a healthy work climate, and promoting Health care organizations for beneficial practice atmospheres that see satisfied nurses delivering their best, the nursing department seeks to Attain these objectives as follows: By externally affirming unit level, cross-section nursing clinical distinction in all service lines. They want to establish a nursing simulation facility and enhance their APRN program in structural empowerment. To achieve this, a full-service simulation program will be incorporated, and the scope of education and training of the nurses and the complement of APRNs will be enhanced.

NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3 Quality of Nursing

This will improve the RN career progression and foster a nursing practice setting where nurses practice to an optimum level within the scope of their practice license. Such exemplary professional practice includes customer service, centrally focused staffing, and quality of nursing to retain, recruit, and engage competent employees. To this end, they plan to create a system-wide mechanism to support nursing quality and safety improvements in and out of the clinical area and promote a visionary attitude towards change; consolidate staff distribution to attain optimal organizational use of resources; enhance the patient experience through making system personnel a part of efforts to improve staff-patient relations and client trust; and lastly, increase workforce stability and acquire a pool of qualified employees. Lastly, they focus on nursing research in the aspects of new development and development in an attempt to do this by identifying the framework, support, and interventions needed for nursing staff to undertake evidence-based practice in clinical research, application of research findings within a clinical context, and access to valid and reliable research information to solve problems and find answers to them. The organization’s strategic plan outlined in assignment two reflects these aims and objectives (HHS, 2021b).

Effects of Organizational Policies

NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3 Policies are administrative rules that help direct employees to enable correct work. Some should guide and support staff members’ attempts to protect the company from legal risk and provide instructions to the staff members. These policies are created to sustain the organization and keep it running efficiently. Specific organizational policies can sometimes provide disguised indirect conflict with departmental policies, which complicates operational conflict (Cothran & Clouser, n. d). Nonetheless, the leaders and stakeholders in charge of implementing these policies in this learning institution must all act harmoniously to ensure no confrontation arises when operating the policies. For instance, the organization thinks the RN must have a doctor’s order for a blood culture regardless of the situation. So, the nursing department’s SOP should not allow the RN to get a blood culture in a septic patient without a doctor’s order. These two policies must be synchronized, which has given policymakers the need to cooperate in formulating these policies. Cleveland Clinic has a nursing professional practice model (NPPM) that assists it in operating within a systems-based professional practice model. While writing the nursing strategic plan of the organization, I realized that the policymakers of the organization and the nursing policymakers have an efficient relationship with each other since their relationship in practice does not compromise their interests. The policy, on the one hand, and the department’s goals, mission, and values, on the other hand, are harmonious for the organization to be successful.


Formulating the strategic plan in any facet of an organization is critical in determining the organizational outlook of any department as it operates to achieve its objectives. To ensure that various goals are met in developing the department’s plan, the stakeholders should ensure that the plan aligns with the organization’s mission statement, visions, and contemporary and strategic goals. This is to avoid situations wherein some insubordinate staff in the department have their agenda violated by the organization’s policy. NURS FPX 8010 Assessment 3 structure will eventually collapse if the departments and an organization’s mission and vision are unclear. As departments generate and implement their strategies, some will be highly prioritized over other methods, which is alright, given the accomplishment of the objectives and aims. As mentioned in the Cleveland Clinic System vision, the organization aims to be high-reliability. From the outlined strategic plan of the nursing department, we can note this as a critical long-term objective.


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