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    Dr. Emily Thompson is a diligent guide in nursing. Mental health is precisely her area of expertise. She deals with it within the context of clinical practice. Over the years, she has worked in many mental health institutions. she is known for her strong focus on patient.

    Dr. Emily Thompson

    James Kim is a renowned nursing professor. He deals with surgical issues. He has clinical experience as a nurse in a busy urban hospital. His learners appreciate his teaching style. He focuses on practice. He shares cases from his professional life.

    Professor James Kim

    Sarah has 15 years of experience as a nursing tutor. She is an authority in her area. This professor likes to share with future nurses how they should care for different children. She is a professional lecturer. He manages to oversimplify the students.

    Dr. Sarah Miller

    Dr Samuel Johnson is widely known as a respected teaching nurse in geriatric nursing. He had spent his career in long-term care settings. He is determined to improve the lives of older people. Ethical and human-based practices are evident in his teachings.

    Dr. Samuel Johnson

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    We have a team of online tutors for taking one-on-one tutoring sessions to answer the demands of students. You can also take group tutoring sessions!

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    My Tutors Club is an authentic platform offering quality services

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      I was struggling to balance my nursing job with MSN nursing studies. Then I hired My Tutors Club’s tutors and mentors to take my online course for me. My scores started to increase miraculously. I got A grade in all my courses due to their help

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      Robert Smith

      I am thankful to the team of My Tutors Club for handling my tight schedule of online classes. Their mentor helped me to do my online classes. Otherwise, I was unable to pass my course

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      John Bernard

      “I am happy to seek an A grade in my Capstone project. My tutors were very cooperative with me. They helped me in achieving my academic goals”.

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      My Tutors Club provided me with academic excellence and deeper insights into the profession. The tutors helped me understand complex ideas. I am glad to see my raised scores. As a result, I have developed a far greater love of nursing. I recommend this platform to every nursing student.

      Portrait of young candid man, student boy with clean face, relaxed facial expression and casual smile, checked shirt over t-shirt, summer outfit look, white background.

      Joseph L.Mabie


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